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Drag and drop your left mouse button to move the ufo.

Drag and drop your right mouse button to rotate the camera.

Scroll to zoom.

One finger to move the ufo.

Two fingers to rotate the camera and zoom.


Abduction 🛸 is a Lusion Monthly Experiment crafted by Edan Kwan [exp design and crowd dev], Brandon Leigh-Bennett [game concept and ufo dev] and Pauline Stichelbaut [ui design] at Lusion. We wanted to try building a complex GPGPU system for massive crowd simulation in WebGL. With the concept inspired by Destroy All Humans!, we created this barely playable mini game to allow users to control a UFO to throw human around (Yup, there is no abduction).


Lusion Monthly Experiment is an internal monthly challenge for the team at Lusion. 2 - 3 creatives will team up every month and come up with an idea for their experiment. The experiments are not expected to be a fully completed master piece as each team member can spend no longer than 2 hours per day on their experiment, which makes it more challenging and fun.


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